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Not surprisingly, all women responded most to White men except for Black women.

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Inside the office, the hotel-apartment worker makes things even more awkward when he asks if Theresa is Ryan’s girlfriend. Ryan has a clean slate now and no women to protect from “violent goateed factory workers,” or “pill-popping manic-depressives.” Oh, we women! Seth says Ryan has had nothing but lady-drama since he came to the OC, and takes it upon himself to declare Angst-Free Ryan Month. As they get ready to leave, Seth spots Luke leaving one of the rooms.

Ryan blinks rapidly at him and looks like he might have to sneeze but it won’t come out. Ryan: Seth adjusts it to Angst-Free Ryan Week, with an option for an additional week. Julie follows him out of the room and they kiss passionately. EW.” Ryan says angst-free didn’t even last the night. The next morning, Ryan and Seth are sitting around, being shocked and disgusted.

That’s not a metaphor for anything, but might still be a little sexual if you subscribe to the Sandy/bagels OTP. But anyway, they really don’t have much of a choice, because money.

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This one-sided bro-chat ends with Seth saying he likes to leave the watch on to try and beat his previous times. But while Brody has the edge on the style front – he looks SO good right now – Spittle got the seat closest to Jeffrey Katzenberg. Full Story Adrien Brody sat next to Spittle Gerry Butler and his dorky ass pants yesterday at the Laker game.But just in case, take a long, hard look at this photo – it could be the last one for a while.Fans are speculating that Little Mix member Perrie Edwards called out her ex (and former One D member) Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid on stage by changing the lyrics to their hit song “Shout Out To My Ex.” The song is rumored to be about Malik, whom Edwards dated and became engaged to between 20. With the fake castle and the closed-eye posing in Hello Magazine, I thought it was her cheese and not his.