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That’s when the family found out that Ellie is intersex; she was born with Swyer Syndrome, which means she has XY chromosomes like those typically found in boys.

Girls with Swyer Syndrome have unformed sex glands where other girls have ovaries; they need hormone replacement in order to encourage puberty and usually cannot become pregnant without an egg donor.

Consequently, it’s necessary to ask ourselves if we’ve inadvertently created an atmosphere that urges Black intersex people to put aside their Blackness — and the oppression linked to it — in order to focus on our collective goals.“And while people can be assured their personal data will remain confidential, the recent change has helped us paint a stronger picture of where community need is greatest, and how we can better support that need.“The living arrangements, ages and Indigenous status of callers are now recorded when this information is offered.The national charity’s CEO Pete Shmigel said that a recent change in the way the organisation recorded caller data revealed just how far feelings of isolation and despair extended in the community.“It’s heartbreaking to think of the immense loneliness experienced by so many of our neighbours, but heart-warming that so many are turning to the compassionate support offered by Lifeline’s 4000 trained Crisis Supporters,” Mr Shmigel said.people were previously referred to as hermaphrodites, "congenital eunuchs", or even congenitally "frigid".