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Melbourne’s auction market has ended winter with another healthy clearance rate for sellers with a vibrant spring selling season anticipated in what has emerged as the nation’s strongest housing market.

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In: Byrne, Sarah; Clarke, Anne; Harrison, Rodney and Torrence, Robin eds. Gendered choices: learning, work, identities in lifelong learning. Amsterdam: Springer Academic Publishers, Lifelong Learning Series, pp. In: Aluru, Srinivas; Bandyopadhyay, Sanghamitra; Catalyurek, Umit V.; P.

Η «ημιαναγνώριση» του Ολοκαυτώματος: Αναζητώντας μια θέση στη δημόσια μνήμη της Σερβίας για την εξόντωση των Εβραίων [‘Half-Recognizing’ the Holocaust: Remembrance of the Semlin camp in Belgrade since the 1980s]. In: Jackson, Sue; Maclolm, Irene and Thomas, Kate eds.

The journey of discovery of the author, as he developed professionally, is interwoven with the expansion of macromolecular crystallography from the first proteins (myoglobin, hemoglobin) to the ‘coming of age’ of the field in 1971 and the discoveries that followed, culminating in the determination of the structure of the ribosomes at the turn of the century.

Excess nutrients can impact availability of light, affect the growth rates of reef species, and may also alter competitive interactions among algae and coral.

Nutrients enter coastal waters from wastewater discharges and from non-point source runoff of fertilizers or animal waste from cities, agriculture, aquaculture, or landscaping activities.

Proceedings of the 1st European Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Learning Networks.

In conjunction with the 6th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning: Towards Ubiquitous Learning 2011. Making Sense of Microposts 2011: Proceedings of the ESWC2011 Workshop on 'Making Sense of Microposts': Big Things Come in Small Packages: co-located with the 8th Extended Semantic Web Conference, ESWC2011, Heraklion, Crete, May 30, 2011. Mobility and Localisation in Language Learning: a View from Languages of the Wider World. In: Abdel-Wahab, Ahmed Gad and El-Masry, Ahmed Ahmed A. Mobile Information Communication Technologies Adoption in Developing Countries: Effects and Implications.