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Updating your applications infrastructure

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But, no matter what license type you choose, you enjoy the same set of comprehensive benefits.Your perpetual licenses are not treated like second-class citizens. With Bentley, you will enjoy additional, important benefits and services not available from Autodesk. Since a single license can be shared among users, pooled licenses are significantly more valuable and cost-effective than named user licenses. Use your annual Portfolio Balancing right to exchange any of your licenses for other titles from Bentley’s portfolio.Cloud computing changes everything, and application and infrastructure monitoring are hardly exceptions.The flexibility, scale, services, and pay-as-you-go pricing options provided by modern cloud platforms—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and tools like Pivotal among them—have completely changed how companies architect their applications as well as how they deploy the corresponding infrastructure.Enjoy a fully managed developer experience, or drop down into infrastructure for high-control when you need it.SSH directly into your instances to deploy custom code, manage containers, or integrate App Engine into your Dev Ops process.

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This new functionality provides greater flexibility in setting up your applications in our cloud.

When you want to equip your team, the decision starts with applications. You can purchase perpetual licenses to provide your team with what they need for their predictable, ongoing work.

For spikes in your work, you can also choose to use term licenses.

Need to move your application to a different platform?

Take your application with you and deploy it to a container-based system like Kubernetes on-prem or in the private or public cloud.